In your journey on transitioning yourself into an Iconic Individual, you should also know and LOVE Iconic people who’ve paved the way.  Eartha Kitt is a perfect example of an Iconic woman who was unapologetically, EARTHA.

I fell in Love with Eartha when I seen this video about Love and Compromise


Eartha Kitt was a actress, singer and humanitarian. Known for her hit single, “Santa Baby”. Eartha Kitt was known for her blunt, vibrant personality, sharp tongue and one of a kind sense of humor. 

 Eartha was very open about her childhood; sharing that at a young age she was teased and unaccepted for being mixed (having a white father and African American/Cherokee Mother). Growing up, Kitt was abandoned by her Mother , never knew her father and sent to live with relatives who were abusive to her. Eartha was sent to New York to live with her aunt at the age of 8. Eartha voiced that she always felt incomplete due to not knowing the remainder of her family.  It is believed that Eartha also had two sisters; whom she never met. 

Although, Eartha battled with family problems she still pushed through and chose to follow her dreams. Eartha attended The New York School of Performing Arts. This is where she won a scholarship to study with Katherine Dunham; she later joined Dunhams’ dance group. Kitt was discovered by Orson Welles (Actor/director) in Europe while singing at a club in Paris .

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Eartha was very active in a variety of social causes:
Eartha founded, Kittsville Youth Foundation, Eartha was involved with a with a group of youths in the area of Anacostia in Washington, D.C., who called themselves “Rebels with a Cause.” Kitt was also a member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Eartha later became a vocal advocate for LGBTQ Rights and publicly supported same sex marriage which she considered a civil right 

Eartha died when she was 81 years old from colon cancer on Christmas Day 2008, at her home in Connecticut. 

Eartha Kitt is a perfect example of how we can get through any experience staying true to ourselves and never giving up. 

Be Iconic. Like Eartha




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