Super Hottie – Summer Body

           15 Summer DO’S and DONT’S

  1. DON’T use baby oil.. Use coconut oil, jojoba oil, argon oil, almond oil, etc.
  2. DO Drink Water – Drink at least 8 ounces of water a day.
     There’s a difference between tap water, distilled water, spring water and purified water. In my opinion.. Spring water is the best water ever. 
  3. DO Wash your face- Wash your face every day. With FACE WASH 
  4. DO Use Turmeric for those black areas under your underarms, bikini areas, knees, elbows, etc.
    Mix turmeric with lemon juice or milk. Make sure that the consistency is pasty like. The power of turmeric mixed with the natural bleaching power of lime juice will make for an effective whitener. Apply evenly to the face or desired area. Wash off after fifteen minutes with water.
  5. DO Wear natural Deodorant- Natural deodorant without aluminum
  6. DO Go to a concert
  7. DO Volunteer
  8. DO Wear Yellow- Yellow is IN
  9. DO Go for a run every morning
  10. DO Meditate outside
  11. DO Eat your daily fruits
  12. DO Smile-  smiling helps to generate more positive emotions within you.
  13. DO Take a summer vacation
  14. DON’T forget your SPF
  15. DO Have fun


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